Fuel oils


home heating


commercial, agricultural, road, marine (MGO), transportation

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About our fuels

Our fuel oils are available retail and wholesale, delivered or self-service.

  • Domestic Heating Oil — Retail
  • Commercial and Agricultural Fuels
  • Marine Fuel (MGO)
  • Unleaded Petrol — E0
  • Road Diesel — B1 / DERV / Ultra Low Sulphur
  • Red Diesel — Gas Oil
  • Kerosene — 28-second
  • Paraffin
  • AGA Fuel
  • Lubricants

We deliver heating oil throughout East Sussex and West Sussex and also in Kent and Surrey. Areas we frequently serve include (but are not limited to):

BN7 — East Sussex

BN8 — East Sussex

BN26 — East Sussex

BN27 — East Sussex

RH17 — East Sussex

TN19 — East Sussex

TN21 — East Sussex

TN22 — East Sussex

BN17 — West Sussex

BN18 — West Sussex

RH13 — West Sussex

RH17 — West Sussex