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 1) Does someone need to be home to accept the delivery?

No, the vast majority of our deliveries are completed when the resident is not home, as long as there is access to the tank and the tank is not locked, easily located and instructions as to which tank we are to fill if multiple are available are given, we can go ahead and deliver. Even if there is a locked gate to negotiate, we are happy to deliver provided we are given the gate code. Our delivery tickets are stamped as to the quantity actually delivered and a copy will be posted through the letterbox so that you know we've been and how much we have delivered.

 2) How much notice of delivery will I be given?

Our Routing is generally not finalised until late the day before delivery so we will give as much notice as possible, unless specific arrangements have been pre-arranged with the office. Please provide a mobile number when ordering as this will allow us to send SMS updates, if you do not have access to a mobile then please leave an alternative number and we will aim to call you the day before delivery.

 3) Can I choose a specific day for delivery?

We offer a number of delivery options online covering different delivery windows, please chose the one that best suits your needs. If you do need delivery on a specific day, it is best not to order on-line, but to call our office direct for advice and availability.

 4) Can I request my tank be filled and not specify a volume?

Unfortunately, our on-line system is not set-up for this request, you can over order and we will refund or hold on credit the undelivered volume. (subject to '13' below).

 5) I require an additive in my Kerosene as I have an Aga, can I still order with Local Fuels?

In this case simply order KERO AGA from the drop-down list when you place your on-line order and your Kero will be supplied with this additive included.

 6) I require an additive in my Kerosene as I have a boiler that requires a specialist premium additive, can I still order with Local Fuels?

In this case simply order KERO EXTRA from the drop-down list when you place your on-line order and your order will be supplied with this additive already included.

 7) What is the cut of time for ordering and emergency next-day delivery and on a standard delivery what is classed as Day 1?

The cut-off time is 3pm - providing the order is placed on a Working Day. In these circumstances your Emergency delivery will be the next Working Day (and on a wider delivery window the next Working Day will be Day-1 of the delivery window). If an order is placed on a Non-Working Day the order will be deemed to have been placed on the next Working Day that follows therefore an 'Emergency Next Day Delivery' or 'Day-1' of the delivery window would be the next working day after that. Please note that we base delivery windows on 'Working Days' only. Weekends and Bank Holidays do not count as 'Working Days'.

Our online ordering system will give you the specific latest day of delivery.

 8) Do you deliver at weekends?

Our delivery team work Monday to Friday under normal circumstances, however in busier times we may sometimes opt to delivery on a weekend with prior approval from you, if you have a specific requirement then please call the office and speak to the sales team, if we can help, we will. 

9) Can you make same-day Emergency deliveries?

A Same-Day delivery cannot be booked on-line at present as this cannot always be guaranteed. However, if we can accommodate, we will, so please call the sales team to discuss your requirements. 

10) Do you have a BABY Tanker as access to our premises is very tight?

Yes, we are one of the few companies in the area to offer this service and at no extra cost to the customer, most companies charge a premium for this service, please select Baby Tanker from the drop-down menu when ordering, or call the sales team directly to discuss your requirements. 

11) What happens if I pay for delivery on-line but the tank cannot take the volume that I have ordered?

If we cannot deliver the full ordered quantity then we will either refund the undelivered amount or hold on credit the value towards future orders. 

12) What are the payment terms and options?

All orders are strictly on a payment in advance, we accept all major credit and debit cards. We do not currently accept American Express.

13) Can I order directly on the phone if I am not comfortable ordering online?

Yes, please call the sales team direct who will be happy to place and order and take payment for you, our sales team work 7am-5pm Monday to Friday. If the price quoted online differs from that on the website, we will honour the website after receiving confirmation, please note discount and special offer codes are not redeemable on the phone.

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