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Fuels for Transportation and Heating

We add no ethanol to our unleaded, and no biodiesel to our diesel, making sure that our fuels’ capacity is maximised at its best, and POWERed to its fullest. Biofuels are corrosive and can lead to accelerated fuel filter blocking, failure of seals, plastics and metals, causing you loss of power or complete failure. We’re all against that.

Filling up your tank with Local Fuels petrol, diesel or gas oil, you will end up saving more money and gaining more POWER for the road. Refined to British Standard Specification, our selection of POWER fuels offers you hassle-free motoring and the go-ahead for exploring.

All of our fuels are FAME/BIO/ETHANOL free, providing more power and better reliability for car-van-truck fleets, plant, machinery, and boats.